Cigarette Filter Rods

The documented cigarette industry has strongly opposed Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) proposal to scale back federal excise obligation from Re 1 to Re zero. 30 per filter rod of cigarettes within the upcoming finances for 2011-12. Based on the current invention, a cigarette filter comprises a filter ingredient of fibrous materials, the fibres of which prolong longitudinally between a primary end which is for attachment to a tobacco rod and a second finish, and which surrounds a longitudinally extending tube member, one finish of which is closed and is positioned at the first end of the filter factor and the open end of which extends to the second finish of the ingredient, the wall of the tube being provided with a number of radially extending apertures adjacent to its closed end to promote radial flow via the fibres of the filter ingredient adjacent the aperture or apertures and being dimensioned so that they remain open to permit move communication via the wall of the tube throughout the period that a cigarette supplied with the rod is smoked.
On this case, the total open space of the micro-perforations ought to be related, i.e. between 1 sq. mm and 10 sq. mm Size P represents three-quarter of the total capsule filter rod filter rod length L. The location of the apertures ought to be inside size P as indicated in FIG.

The filter is assembled in a contemporary filter making machine, for instance one which produces rods containing, say, six cigarette filter elements. The standard filter used on cigarettes as we speak contains about 16,000 to 35,000 fibres per filter, depending on the filter tow used.
FILTER FOR CIGARETTE TUBES particular filters with bigger diameter than standard (often 8mm). The design is not practical as it is extremely difficult to manufacture such filter in a contemporary filter making machine. eleven. Keith, C. H., and C. F. De Laet: The floor space of fibrous filters; Tob.
Yuri Gagarin Plc is a conventional producer of cigarette filters and has a robust market position as a result of its modern technological tools and product development. 13. A cigarette filter rod as claimed in claim eleven by which the entire area of all the apertures in all of the tube members partitions is 1 to 10 sq mm.

Mix unique mouth end look of your cigarette along with all the advantages of dual acetate filter rods, like the possibility to include varied granular or flavour additives. four. A cigarette filter rod as claimed in claim three by which the packing density of the filter material within the tube member is completely different to the packing density of the fibrous filter material in contact with its outer wall.
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