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And they, every day, Google, are fighting to even deal with that. I think whilst Google bring out artificial intelligence and NLP and, you know, they're talking about voice search over the past few years and they're starting the next thing. I don't think Google is as clever or anywhere close to be in all that. I think they've got massive flaws and I still see massive, massive flaws.
is a recognised expert in SEO, having over 18 years of experience in the field, and he has recently been named the highest-paid Scottish businessman on YouTube after landing a six-figure sponsorship deal with ODYS Global. His popular virtual marketing course on YouTube has helped hundreds of people to launch their own successful businesses. What's more, the course is free because Campbell believes in giving back to the community, and he didn't want money standing in the way of him showing people how to improve their Google rankings.

It's the place where people spend money and you know it has a serious amount of traffic. So the USA Is a great place to drive traffic to your business. One would love to rank for the general keywords that broadly describe what they do on their website. If you provide therapy consultations, then showing up when people search “mental health” would mean that people will easily find you.
Since Craig has been helping over a hundred businesses, he decided to start flipping websites for profit. Craig has a black hat SEO presentation at this conference and delivered an epic talk to help others understand how to rank well on the search engines. Craig Campbell was speaking about affiliate marketing at the SEMRush conference in Banglaore in India. Craig delivered a talk on Local SEO at this conference, showing people how to rank their GMBS, trigger phone verification and a whole range of additional tactics. I am straight talking funny and have all the experience to be able to offer the tips and advice to those who want to learn. I regularly train agencies and individuals all over the UK and I'm a host and panellist on industry-leading software providers like SEMRush.

Most importantly, be disciplined enough to stay relevant to your customers. This requires continuous fine-tuning of business operations and adherence to ever-changing digital trends. Invest in your personal development, as Campbell recommends, to keep up with the competition in the marketplace and expand your reach and customer base. If you’re like Craig Campbell he is the right person to learn from.
A lot of people ask me why I've started off building a digital agency and why do I now do what I'm doing now. So an untold story, that the story that made everything sink home for me was I'd done SEO for a dentist guy. It's actually an Indian fellow based in Glasgow.

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. I think you have to become niche specific when you're looking for a course rather than a general SEO course because if you come to mine, for example, I don't go into eCommerce too much because it's just a pain in the ass to go into every single thing. Affiliate marketing's more my passion than eComm, but I'm not going to do a course where I've got eComm, affiliate marketing, blogger guides. I think there problem is courses out there for eCommerce and as I say, Authority Hacker's really good for affiliate.
What drove him to the heights he had reached was a desire to work for himself and make his own business on the matter. He just couldn’t let other people interfere with his growth and development. He says, “There was something inside of me that didn’t allow me to work for anyone else, and I never wanted through growth that anyone was preventing.” This belief was critical to building his career and establishing himself as an SEO expert.
The office is fairly small so we are sitting with each other all the time, so communication is important and as we all sit together this helps massively as I’m always aware if there are any potential problems. It’s about sharing this information with others in the hope that it helps them, that’s where most of my content ideas come from. I could do so much more on the blog but it’s finding the time to be able to do it.

And I'm entitled to, to be able to do that. And that's what I get after, you know, five or six years of going round in circles. Not having a clue what I was doing a saw my P back as far as I'm concerned. I'll never forget, one of the one of the last deals I did on Flippa was just over a year ago, probably a year and a half ago.
Mine is good just for a generic overview of what SEO is and what's involved. No one's giving everything away and Best SEO Youtube channel that includes myself in that I'm not covering eCommerce. You can go down that route and get the PR thing.

Campbell covers topics like influencer marketing, local SEO strategies, PR outreach best practices, and more. This course includes access to exclusive, proven link-building strategies that Campbell has perfected over his years in the industry. Campbell is passionate about helping others learn from his years of experience in the marketing world. In particular, Campbell wants to dispel any myths about SEO automation automatically being Black Hat. You’ve got to embrace technology; you don’t have to do everything manually.” In the course, Campbell covers how to use link building automation tools like SEO Autopilot, Money Robot, GSA, and Rankerx to take your strategy to the next level.
Glasgow-based Craig Campbell revealed that he posts videos on the channel multiple times in a week for casual viewers as well as for his 45,000 subscribers. The number is registered as one of the largest subscriber audiences among business channels in the UK. He has surpassed Scottish Enterprise that has 1,700 subscribers and 10 Downing Street that enjoys 38,200 subscribers.

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