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Working in partnership with Australian state and territory governments, Austrade provides information and advice that can help Australian companies reduce the time, cost and risk of exporting. We also administer the Export Market Development Grant Scheme and offer a range of services to Australian exporters in growth and emerging markets. The Indonesian market is transitioning to a single national regulatory scheme which will require all relevant products distributed and sold in Indonesia to be halal certified.
But, generally speaking, in Anglophone cultures the term vegetable is used for plant materials used to make a main meal, while fruits are typically associated with breakfast or dessert. But the Cavendish unfortunately has its own weaknesses – most prominently susceptibility to a disease called Black Sigatoka. The fungus Pseudocercospora fijiensis attacks the plants’ leaves, causing cell death that affects photosynthesis and leads to a reduction in fruit production and Distributor durian montong quality. If Black Sigatoka is left uncontrolled, banana yields can decline by 35 to 50 percent. Lenswood Apples in the Adelaide Hills grows, packs and markets more than 20,000 tonnes of fruit annually, which accounts for 70 per cent of South Australia’s apple crop and nearly 10 per cent of Australia’s national production. While there was some room for growth in the immature Australian market, Reuveni said any new fruit would need to be of premium quality to be viable.

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“China represents a significant business opportunity for SPC in the years ahead, and this is an important step in realising our growth strategy. A national consumer sentiment survey found the key motivators for consumers to shop at their independent retailer were the freshness of produce (92%), supporting a local business (90%), and trust in the quality of the produce (86%). However, more than 88 percent of people surveyed still chose to shop at supermarkets due to the perceived convenience. Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements. We are striving to do better by prioritizing people and planet without compromising on the quality and taste of our product.

I’d like to think PomPersia will be a conglomerate of 200 growers by 2025 at various stages of commercial production. “Then you work to hybridise to create the best fruit with the right size, the right shape and the best flavour,” he said. At the same time, Australia’s fledgling industry has taken a hit from a mystery dieback condition, which has devastated many farms, including some of the industry’s biggest players.
Demand for pomegranates globally has spiked in recent years as health experts promote the “super fruit’s” anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. There is significant public opposition to the idea of genetically modifying foods by inserting genes into a plant’s DNA in the lab. But the idea of reinserting lost genes may be more palatable to the public than introducing completely new ones. Either way, it shows how perverse the food industry’s methods are that we may need to use one of the world’s most advanced technologies to give an inherently delicious food some flavour. Because modern farmed tomatoes have only lost their flavour in the last hundred years or so and varieties are still available that produce the tasty volatiles, it should be possible to reinsert the crucial taste genes back into commercial varieties.
But there’s a battle over semantics too, because many of the things we call “fruit” and “vegetables” … aren’t. The thick purple rind of the fruit contains compounds called xanthones which are often used in herbal teas and traditional medicines. Researchers at The University of Queensland have begun clinical trials into whether an extract from mangosteen, a tropical fruit found in Indonesia, can help treat schizophrenia. It is known to have the highest source of natural vitamin C of any plant in the world, up to 100 times more vitamin C to the orange.

The reason your domain name trumps everything else is that it’s the first touchpoint of your business with your potential customers. Did you know that picking the right domain name is the first step to setting up an online store? We generate market information and insights, promote Australian capability, and facilitate connections through our extensive global network. The Australian Trade and Investment Commission is the Australian Government’s international trade promotion and investment attraction agency.
Responsible for analysing the North American fresh fruit and vegetable industries, Dr Fumasi combines a background in agribusiness research with international market development and finance experience in the agriculture industry. Dr Fumasi concedes that food safety and consistent quality are still the biggest drawcards for Asian consumers willing to pay a premium for Australian produce but that their demands are likely to catch up with western markets very quickly. “Consumers now expect the quality of their fruit and veg to be 100 per cent perfect, 100 per cent of the time,” Dr Fumasi said. As well as the US deal, the Co-operative is working on other export opportunities.

Before the 20th century, tomato varieties were commonly developed in families and small communities (which explains the name “heirloom”). With the industrialisation of farming, the serious business of tomato breeding began with intensive selection for fruit size and shelf life. The unique flavour of a tomato is determined by specific airborne molecules called volatiles, which emanate from flavour chemicals in the fruit. By asking a panel of consumers to rate over a hundred varieties of tomato, the researchers identified 13 volatiles that play an important role in producing the most appealing flavours.
Citrus fruits are also berries and their flesh is renowned for being acidic, which makes the flavour bitter. Berries, by definition, are many-seeded, fleshy fruits which are often brightly coloured. Oddly, strawberries and raspberries are not really berries at all, because they originate from a single flower which has many ovaries, so they are an aggregate fruit. But while there is no doubt that tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins are fruits in the botanical sense, any linguist will tell you that language changes and words take on the meaning that people broadly agree upon and use. To date, though, there’s been little effort and insufficient funding for collecting, protecting, characterizing and utilizing wild banana genetic material.
Retailers in Indonesia do not import directly, they work with an established group of specialized Indonesian distributors/importers. Together this distribution chain supplies almost all imported packaged food brands to Indonesian retail. Indonesia has a wide range of large-scale local manufacturers, imported products and brands. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. In the online marketplace, your reputation passes on like wildfire, be it good or bad.

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