Lalique Encre Noire Ideas

I think this is an oddity that to me is unwearable. I could be wrong and people could rock it but I find this kne displeasing on paper, on my skin and on people I pranked with it. It is dark and has an ink quality with vetiver but it also smells lifeless. I would imagine the grim reaper smelling like that. I purchased this fragrance during Fall of 2020 as a blind buy, upon reading and viewing online reviews of this magnificent scent. Cypress and vetiver done absolutely right.
Cashmere wood is listed as a note but frankly I'm not familiar with that scent, I've never had a fragrance with that note. I got this as a blind buy, as relatively new in the scent game. I sort of love and hate this, but at least it is interesting. I was smelling it on myself at bedtime a few nights ago and my mind drifted off to a simpler time. I know this probably sounds silly, but it makes me think of carrying water, fishing and gathering wood rather than coming up with IT strategies.

A fresh, woody catch line, inspired by the aromatic wilderness of cupressus. One of the best perfumes value for money. Remember a rainy day lost in a lush forest.
I love Guerlain’s vetiver too, and to me, it’s a perfect pick-me-up perfume. I should definitely try this one too since you rate it so highly. I love its nutty, smoky yet transparent character and that burnt sugar note is so special. If you’re after musky petals, then Pour Elle is a good choice, but if you want whisky soaked woods and salty licorice, just go over to the men’s section. Like most vetivers, Encre Noire has great longevity and presence, but unlike rich flowers or gourmand ambers, it’s not distracting. It means business and helps me get mine done. Yet, when I’m ready to relax, nothing is more seductive than a few drops of this dark vetiver under a silk camisole.

And it can compete with good vetiver scents that are maybe five times more expensive. It's not sweet, but robust and therefore a pleasant surprise on the grab tables of online perfumeries. Cypress with vetiver that develops into vetiver with cypress, basically. Minimalistic yet fascinating; there is a certain wow-effect on the first time wearing.
“Chemistry,” for lack of a better word, is fascinating. Hiris is a horrible mess on me–sharp, metallic, bitter. Wish the juice justified my keeping it. Can't say “never again” when it comes to unsniffed purchases, but this one taught me that even the “safe bets” are not sure things. My most recent (yes, that means I've done it more than once!) unsniffed purchase was Hiris.
The sexy signature fragrance enhanced with masculine woody notes promises subtle and rare sophistication. It brings back memories of long forgotten memories and lost places. The fragrance unites with nature giving the vibe of a dark forest and gloomy landscape. The iconic black bottle is the perfect last touch to a mind-blowing scent. Chanel Les Exclusifs Sycomore – a woody chypre unisex fragrance released in 2008. The main notes include vetiver, tobacco, and cypress.

It opens up with a strong cannabis scent but that of burning cannabis not dry leaf. In the dry down the Cypress becomes predominant with a woodsy grassy and smoky accord. I can best describe it as a walk in a wet mossy forest. This fragrance kinda remind me of Green irish tweed by Creed in the sense , that it also kind of smells like a walk through a forrest.
One think that amazes me is that people find it inky. Since it is named "Encre" we expect to smell like ink, so yes, it does because it says so. Encre Noire is an elegant fragrance of wet autumn and winter for cold climates and is suitable for any occasion except the gym. Smells like a burnt forest in late november with rain over it. But I have to advise you to test Encre Noire more than once. If you didn't like it in the past -like I didn't in my late 20's- maybe you weren't ready for it yet.

Sheathed in a bottle composed of exotic wood and black glass, evoking an ink bottle. Victoria says there is blackberry so I'm quite sure there must be, but all I smell is spicy vetiver and dark woods, more dry than not. I have no other way to describe Encre Noir so that you understand exactly how it smells, other than to say that this smells like Dracula. It’s strange, alluring, dark, and off-putting all at once. I would not, could not wear Encre Noire, even if purchased for me as a gift. Encre Noire Pour Homme is a woody aromatic fragrance that launched in 2006.
I mean… I really love Sycamore or Terre d’Hermmes openings but this one was that strong that it made me nauseous. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to like this frag. After 1 hour, I started to get the feeling of liking it more and more to the point of loving it! The dry down is significantly better than the opening and the woody note comes into the game altogether with a marked Iso e super note . This is a first ever woody fragrance I love. My type of scent is sweet gourmand, but this one is an exception. A soft woody notes is the main core of this fragrance.

As soon as you spray it, you can see the shiny oils that come out of that elegant black bottle. However, the opening has an extremely strong Vetiver note.
If it was a location, it would be a snowy norwegian forest. I don't consider this a regular fragrance that you mindlesly spray it on yourself. It's more like an artform that used a bottle and scented water as the vehicle, kinda like how i see Versace Dreamer. Very unique and paints images and experiences in your mind.
With some of my favorite notes, I feel a bit intimidated to approach them, because there is so much to say and write. I love vetivers though, so I’ll be checking this out soon. Anyway, i have to agree, “Encre Noire Pour Homme” is a fantastic fragance, i am on my fourth bottle. When i had tried the women’s version for the first time, i was a little bit disappointed, because i’ve expected something in common with the men’s version. Encre Noire may not seem like an obvious choice, especially when we have vetiver gold standards like Guerlain Vétiver and Frédéric Malle Vétiver Extraordinaire. Without a doubt, those are perfumes that must be sampled at least once, but what makes Encre Noire so compelling is its elegance and versatility. It’s also impeccably crafted and memorable.

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