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Judging by how busy it is, this has to be one of the most famous restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. When we visited Saigon two years ago, our Inspitrip tour guide and the owner of our homestay both recommended Pho Le to us. Two locals recommending the same pho restaurant pretty much guaranteed that this place would be awesome, and it was. It’s a popular Saigon street food stall so be prepared for a wait. I must have waited at least twenty minutes to get my banh mi.
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Aside from these two dishes, I had another clam dish as well as stir-fried noodles with morning glory. I asked my server for recommendations and one of the dishes he suggested was this tasty clam soup made with leeks and lemongrass. We had these at Oc Oanh along Vinh Khanh Street two years ago. The fact that you can find them pretty much anywhere is one of the reasons why we think Saigon is one of the best food cities in Vietnam. But regardless of the pork chop, you should definitely check out Ca Phe Do Phu because it offers so much more than good broken rice and coffee.
Several other sports are represented by teams in the city, such as volleyball, basketball, chess, athletics, and table tennis. Ho Chi Minh City is home to a number of association football clubs. One of the city's largest clubs, Ho Chi Minh City F.C., is based at Thống Nhất Stadium. As Cảng Sài Gòn, they were four-time champions of Vietnam's V.League 1 (in 1986, 1993–94, 1997, and 2001–02). Navibank Saigon F.C., founded as Quân Khu 4, also based at Thống Nhất Stadium, emerged as champions of the First Division in the 2008 season, and were promoted to the V-League in 2009. The city's police department also fielded a football team in the 1990s, Công An Thành Phố, which won the V-League championship in 1995.

By far the best part of eating banh xeo for myself is getting to dress and garnish each bite with a bounty of herbs and toppings (are you seeing the pattern with herbs and vegetables in Vietnamese cuisine!?). Just like banh mi sandwiches, banh xeo is a bit of a French inspired Vietnamese culture creation. On my first visit to Banh Cuon Hai Nam, I came along, who said it was one of his favorite spots in Saigon for banh cuon.
A multidisciplinary venue doubling up as cocktail lounge, it runs weekly film screenings, gigs, and rotating exhibitions. The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre and Vin Gallery, both in D2, are two other noteworthy independent spaces, both keeping the emphasis on local talent. Closer to the riverside, be sure to stop by Saigon Outcast, a spacious multipurpose complex hosting festivals, weekend fairs, outdoor cinema and concerts. Down an alley in D3, Salon Saigon puts up art shows and cultural events in a restored French colonial mansion that used to be the residence of U.S.
This noodle soup can be eaten at any time of day but is primarily eaten at breakfast. It originated in the north of the country but is now a national dish of Vietnam. A bowl of Pho consists of a light beef or chicken broth flavoured with ginger and coriander, to which are added broad, flat rice noodles and spring onions. Meat-wise, slivers of chicken, pork or beef are then added. This type of Vietnamese cuisine is usually eaten at lunchtime. It's been described as somewhat similar to meatballs or hamburgers, but we think that with its intriguing mix of flavours, there's not another taste like it!

Our mom goes to the market and cooks yummy dishes without asking what we want to eat, so each meal is a magic discovery. There is no need for five-star complicated global dishes with expensive rare ingredients or well-known imported wines, Cuc Gach Quan still makes a unique impression on guests by its homely but delicious Vietnamese cuisine. If you are an overseas guest and you want to enjoy truly Vietnamese cuisine in a very Vietnamese way, Cuc Gach Quan is a well-worthy option to discover.
Though the pho shop across the street from the Hanoi Cooking Centre is now open all day long, Lister says they sell more than half of their 400 daily bowls before 10 a.m. But there's also just something special about pho in the morning. "Long before there was bone broth, there was this soup," Nguyen says. People crave pho when they're home cooked food sick or hungover because it feels restorative. It's hard to pinpoint, Nguyen says, but there's something comforting about the way rice noodles and a flavorful broth combine in a bowl of pho. "That's what it does for me emotionally and physically. It gets me into the groove of what the country is about. It's a morning country."

There are many great seafood places around Ho Chi Minh, but this is one of our favorites. These are a bit pricey for Ho Chi Minh city, but we found them worth every penny. The murals are the most outstanding features, covering several large walls. The same images decorate the upholstery and other knick knacks. The menu is a collection of delicious “home-style” Vietnamese dishes.
More than fifty banks with hundreds of branches and about 20 insurance companies are also located inside the city. The Stock Exchange, the first stock exchange in Vietnam, was opened in 2001. There are 171 medium and large-scale markets as well as several supermarket chains, shopping malls, and fashion and beauty centres.

The food is always imaginative and impressive at Organik House. Almost everything on the menu here is vegan aside from a few egg and yogurt dishes. One of my favourite Vietnamese dishes, I never get tired of eating noodles with deep-fried spring rolls.

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